Winners of the "Impossible Design 2021" competition

Awards by the Jury of Experts
By the combined votes of the international Jury of Experts, consisting of /ordered by age/:
1. Prof. Kosta Krsmanović, retired Professor in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts of the
University of Arts in Belgrade /Serbia/
2. Prof. Giangiacomo Minak, Professor in Mechanical Design at DIN department of University of
Bologna /Italy/
3. Amir Šećerkadić, Mechanical Designer, General Manager of IZIT, Zagreb /Croatia/
4. Leo Vukelić, MA, Designer and member of the Croatian Designers Society, Zagreb /Croatia/
5. Dr Nebojša Bogojević, Additive Manufacturing Expert at Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
at Kraljevo of University of Kragujevac /Serbia/
6. Michele Monti, Digital Design and Manufacturing Expert, CEO of “Juno Design”, Bologna /Italy/
were selected three authors as the winners of the “ImPossible Design 2021” contest. Each of the winners
will be awarded a MakerBot SKETCH™ 3D Printer, and the information about the awarded models and
winners are presented in the following table: