Rapid Tooling

SLS technology is used for directly production of complex tools. Manufacture of tools this technology does not impose restrictions on the geometry of manufactured objects so that in this way produce tools with improved performance, optimized in terms of its continued use. For example, for the production of large series, any shortening of the production cycle of a product results in significant savings in time and money for the entire series.

Direct laser sintering enables production of tools complex external and internal geometry of cooling ducts placed along the surface of complex tools. The result is an efficient cooling, high productivity and cost reduction per product. In traditional methods of production, cooling channels are added to the drilling tool, which limits their geometry to a combination of straight lines. The SLS technology, and the position and shape of the cooling channels can be designed (constructed) following a complex geometry shape of tools.

Many studies and examples (Figure demonstrate the benefits of optimizing cooling. The theoretical and practical research [...] showed a reduction in tool temperature and shortening product development cycles. Cycle development work is shortened by about 30-60% by using such a developed tool with optimized cooling [....].

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                    Cycle time: 24s                                                      Cycle time: 13,8s

Fig. Performance improvement tools for plastic injection:
Conventional drilling cooling channels (left)
Optimized channels made ​​SLS technology (right)