PA 2210 FR - Flame-retarding Polyamide

Product information
PA 2210 FR is a white polyamide 12 powder with a halogen free, chemical flame retardant. In case of fire a carbonating coating arises on the surface of the part, isolating the plastic below.
PA 2210 FR fulfils the flame protection classification UL 94 / V-0 from a wall thickness higher than or equal to 2 mm.

  • flame retardancy
  • halogen-free
  • good mechanical properties
  • excellent long-term constant behaviour


  • aerospace
  • electric & electronics
  • fully functional, load-bearing plastic parts of highest quality
  • parts with increased requirements on flame protection

   PA 2210 FR - poliamid otporan na vatru  PA 2210 FR - poliamid otporan na vatru