EOS NickelAlloy IN625 - for series production

The precipitation and heat-resistant nickel-chromium alloy EOS NickelAlloy IN625 has a chemical composition corresponding to UNS N06625, AMS 5666F, AMS 5599G, W.Nr 2.4856, DIN NiCr22Mo9Nb. It is characterized by having high tensile, creep and rupture strength. EOS NickelAlloy IN625 is expected to have good corrosion resistance in various corrosive environments. This material is also suitable for building complex parts for high-temperature and high-strength applications. The process achieves material properties that are comparable to wrought metals and by far exceeds those of casting.

  •  high tensile, creep and rupture strength and good corrosion resistance in various corrosive environments


  •  Aerospace
  • Motor sport
  • Applications in the maritime industry
  • Chemical industry parts