Alumide® - Polyamide carbon fibre-reinforced

Product information
Alumide is a metallic grey, aluminium-filled polyamide 12 powder, which is characterised by its high stiffness, metallic appearance and good postprocessing possibilities.
The surfaces of Alumide parts can be refined very easily by grinding, polishing or coating. The machining of Alumide laser-sintered parts is simplified through the cut breaking effect of the aluminium filling.

  • easy post-processing, good machinability
  • high temperature performance
  • thermal conductivity (limited)
  • high stiffness
  • well-balanced ratio of density and stiffness
  • excellent dimensional accuracy


  • applications with metal-like look
  • parts which need machining
  • parts with thermal loads
  • manufacture of stiff parts of metallic appearance for applications in automotive manufacture (e.g. wind tunnel tests or parts that are not safety-relevant)
  • tool inserts for injecting and moulding small production runs
  • illustrative models (metallic appearance)
  • setting jig and device manufacture