Service guide

Fastest way you can get "3D Impulse" laboratory services is by respecting the following procedures:

Opis potrebeRequirements description

In this stepby telephone or e-mail the customer describing a for laboratory services, allowing laboratories expert assistant advice as suggestion for the most appropriate technical procedures to meet those needs.

Zahtev za usluguService request

Once the service that the laboratory should perform is defined, the customer via e-mail or fax a send request for offer. The request should include customer name, his mailing address, contact telephone number and contact email address. If request contains production of product by SLS technology, whith request you must submitt and 3D product model following the procedure described in the "Upload page /center" and a description of the specific requirements related to the production model, if they exist.

Obrada modelaModel processing

After receiving the model is checked for suitability of the product production through SLS technology.

In the first step, consider the geometric characteristics of the product, because the existing SLS technology impose some restrictions on the dimensions, wall thickness and shape of the surface. If the product exceeds the available workspace equipment and functionality of the product allows it, it is possible to make a product ​​from the parts that are subsequently joined by gluing.

In the second step, the model analysis is carried out and reveal model errors that can occur due to not an appropriate designed part or due to conversion of the model into a format for data exchange. If errors are detected, correction of errors is is expected by purchaser part, but, depending on the type of error can be required the service debugging by Laboratory.

Model processing stage is the stage of intensive communication between laboratory staff and product designers.


When final model which will be made ​​SLS Technologies is developed, a laboratory prepare and send an offer that contains a description of services, cost of service, payment terms, delivery time and delivery method. Cost of the service depends on the amount of material used and the time required for production. Considering that cost of material have a permanent and a variable component, impact to cost can have distribution of products in volume, and the compliance working volume machines, and these two factors can be significantly improved if at the same time are produced many of products. For this reason, the price can depend on the time required for preparation.

Izrada i kontrolaProduction and control

If the offer is accepted, the production begins after the agreed advance payment part of the price.

After development product parts is carried out further thermal or mechanical treatment and control of dimension by 3D scanning that follows the corresponding report.


Products can be obtained at the "3D Impulse" laboratory, but it is possible to arrange a different delivery with an agreement between the client and laboratory.