PA 3200 GF - poliamid sa staklenim česticama

PA 3200 GF - Glass bead filled polyamide

Product information
PA 3200 GF is a white, glass bead filled polyamide 12 powder, which is characterised by an excellent stiffness in combination with good elongation at break.

  • high stiffness
  • wear resistance
  • improved temperature performance
  • good thermal loadability
  • excellent surface quality
  • high dimensional accuracy and detail resolution
  • good processability


  • stiff housings
  • parts with requirements on wear and abrasion
  • parts used under elevated thermal conditions
  • usage e.g. for final parts within the engine area of cars
  • deep-drawing dies
  • any other application which requires particular stiffness, high heat distortion temperature and low abrasive wear

    poliamid sa staklenim česticamapoliamid sa staklenim česticama

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